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Advanced audio, video and data connectivity for applications in a wide range of environments and especially in safety-critical conditions

SCOTTY is a solutions provider and manufacturer specializing in audio, video and data for serval kinds of communication.

SCOTTY has tremendous experience in providing solutions for critical applications under challenging circumstances. For example, multinational corporations, peace-keeping forces, border police, and civil protection agencies are using SCOTTY equipment right now in the most remote and difficult environments on the globe. SCOTTY´s long running experience and extensive knowledge in software, hardware and infrastructure ensures optimized communication solutions that can be customized and deployed for all kinds of applications.

SCOTTY‘s research & development, manufacturing and headquarters are based in Graz, Austria.

SCOTTY equipment and solutions are available worldwide through a network of official agents and distributors.


To ensure secure and highly reliable communication especially in safety-critical environments.

Anywhere and Anytime.

Under any circumstances.

Imagine a world where communication is always secure, reliable, and trusted, no matter the circumstance.

At our company, we are committed to making this a reality. Our cutting-edge technology enables seamless communication in even the most safety-critical environments, from deep sea oil rigs to remote wilderness locations.

We believe that everyone deserves access to secure communication, and we are dedicated to making that possible. With our innovative solutions, the possibilities are endless. Welcome to a future where communication is always secure and reliable.

SCOTTY Mission
SCOTTY stands for Innovation, Connectivity, Reliability, Flexibility and Sustainability.

Our mission at Scotty Group is to empower individuals and organizations with secure communication technologies that are tailored to their unique needs. We are dedicated to providing reliable and customized solutions that can be deployed in even the most challenging environments.

Our goal is to enable Aeronautical, Maritime, Land mobile and Videoconferencing operations to communicate seamlessly and securely, with the confidence that their data is protected at all times. We are committed to staying at the forefront of technology and continually developing innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of our clients.

SCOTTY Quality
To achieve lasting customer satisfaction by delivering reliable, secure and trusted solutions with all of SCOTTY’s services and products is the core of our commitment to quality.

Our dedication and responsibility to our customers lies in understanding and anticipating their needs, devising competent solutions, exceeding expectations and delivering exceptional value in every interaction. In order to obtain and maintain these values in all of our processes and products, SCOTTY established and adheres to a quality management system in accordance to the quality standard EN 9100.

SCOTTY’s quality management is grounded on the core values of employee engagement and continuous improvement. Through training, collaboration and shared responsibility we empower and engage our employees – our greatest asset – to contribute their best to our commitment to quality. Through that we are able to foster a culture of continuous improvement, constantly seeking innovative ways to enhance our products, optimise our processes and exceed the evolving expectations of our customers.

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